Who We Are


Product thinkers, technology advisors, solution architects, process consultants and software engineers. A powerful combination that enables us to deliver better software.

Why Choose Us

Our people

Our people understand emerging technologies and how they can enhance business efficiency when harnessed right. We work with clients to imagine possibilities and then build software.

Our frameworks

Our AI and Blockchain frameworks help you save time and money while integrating these advanced technologies into your software.

Our approach

Clients see us as committed partners with the ability to engage effectively using design thinking, agile development, rich software engineering and consulting led approaches.

What We Do


We help small and mid-sized companies create measurable business value by leveraging artificial intelligence to solve problems.


Our ready-to-use version of the Blockchain platform is simple to use. It saves time and money and reduces the risk of failure. Our offering is based on core guiding principles with reference implementation.

Web Development

We develop and deploy high-performance web applications customized to your specific business needs. Whether your application is for business, a hobby or somewhere in between, we make sure that it is built the way that’s right for you.

Mobile Development

We build mobile apps that run on iOS and Android. Our commitment is to innovate so you get the most bang for your buck.


With our expertise in IoT and Wearables based services, we help your business harness the power of those technologies. We assist in architecture, integration, configuration and hosting.

AI Chatbot

We build conversational interfaces that combine AI and Natural Language Processing. we enable companies to benefit from a whole new world of conversational interfaces.

Our Products

We help your business do even better while integrating the advanced technologies like AI and Blockchain into your business.


iTrust is a Blockchain framework that guarantees virtual trust through the use of artificial intelligence, pattern recognition and advanced decision techniques.


iAssist is an intelligent virtual assistance system that employs Natural Language Processing, Image Analytics and Cognitive Computing capabilities


iConverse is an intelligent conversational commerce framework that employs Artificial Intelligent capabilities and easily integrates with Watson Assist and Google Dialog flow

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