DARTexon iConverse is an intelligent conversational commerce framework that integrates with advanced conversational technology platforms now available (e.g. Watson Assist or Google Diaglog flow).

query, machine learning, chat

The former allows end-users to ask queries in English, in response to which the latter enables extraction of real-time responses from the relevant datasets. Machine learning algorithms train these “smart datasets” over a period of time to answer questions in ways similar to how humans would answer the question. They get ability to extract: Adverse Events, Symptom Analysis and Referral Patterns

  • App is a program that is designed for end to ask queries;

  • In turn, the way Conversation Flow works is by taking some sample user sentences to start out with. Then, it trains it’s engine to generate an algorithm that best matches these sentences to the correct intents.

  • In simple words, Fulfillment is a mapping between what the user “says”, and what operation the whole iConverse takes on that instruction.