DARTexon iAssist is an intelligent virtual assistance system that combines Natural Language Processing with Cognitive Analytics. It’s a versatile tool that can be “trained” for use across industry verticals and business functions, with the right rules and algorithms.

Types of iAssist framework:

Cognitive Analytics,Intelligent Transaction, Smart Enterprise

  • Knowledge Discovery: These bots curate content libraries and provide relevant information in response to queries raised by end users. For example, a chatbot on a hospital/clinic web site or app can guide patients to the right clinician by asking some basic questions about the nature of the problem, besides seamlessly also enabling him/her to fix appointments with the doctor/hospital.

  • Intelligent Transaction: This framework empower interfaces either as web or mobile applications application through which customers can experience the shopping cart function.
    For example, a retail store could build a conversational bot that enables visitors to search for an item and seamlessly enable shopping cart function during the conversation. For the business, this reduces the risk that the search may not end as a completed transaction. On the other hand, this makes it easier for the visitor to quickly buy what s/he was looking for.

  • Smart Enterprise: This framework can connect to multiple enterprise data sources and gather relevant information. For example, quickly scanning maintenance history logs of shop floor equipment can make it easier to troubleshoot problems; this can also facilitate detailed reporting of the problem to the manufacturer, making it easier for them to service and fix the problem faster, thus reducing down time.