Community Platform Enabling GST Knowledge Collation and Dissemination

  • Real time knowledge sharing among GST practitioners is not possible
  • Non availability of go to person/community for expert advise in the areas of GST compliance
  • Non-scalable/sustainable models( such as WhatsApp or Telegram groups) in place to facilitate queries in local language


Digital Community that acts as an identity (i.e. as go to person) in the area of GST. The platform will use most channels of communications in regional language in order to interact with users with following objectives:

  • Establish as one stop point for any clarifications in GST
  • Publish relevant contents on a timely basis
  • Generate more users traffic, attracts industry users/accountants

  • Instant access to GST experts to clarify their day to day queries
  • Get to know the relevance of notifications, circulars and orders issued from time to time
  • Providing necessary enablers to become an expert in spite of their busy schedule
  • Ensure virtual workshops and webinars in GST at their desks eliminating the cost and pain of travel
  • Gear up for potential volume of appeals in 2020
  • Help them clear NACIN exams

Technology: text text text text


A community platform for GST Professionals and consultants


" DARTexon on-boarded us successfully with short notice of our requirement with tight deadlines in delivering our interactive Website. Today, we are emerging as pioneer in launching an interactive web portal about GST is only possible because of their relentless support and ability to stretch their boundaries. We look forward to leave a legacy in this space."